Mobile Lifting Jack

  • 地铁车辆移动式架车机-动车组移动式 地铁车辆移动式架车机-动车组移动式-Mobile Lifting Jack
  • 北京动车段移动式同步架车机-动车组 北京动车段移动式同步架车机-动车组-Mobile Lifting Jack
  • 8编组动车组移动式架车机-动车组移动 8编组动车组移动式架车机-动车组移动-Mobile Lifting Jack
  • 16编组动车组移动式架车机-动车组移 16编组动车组移动式架车机-动车组移-Mobile Lifting Jack
It has obtained 10 national invention patents and national utility model patents, as well as 1 software copyright.
[Equipment Highlights]
1.Compatible with 4 types of High-speed EMU Trains (CRH1, CRH2, CRH3, CRH5).
2.The supporting heads can move ±25mm with loads, a world-initiative function which solved the difficulty of pin-hole-alignment in the bogie and car body connecting process.
3.Elastic wheels, which can be compressed in bearing state to enable the base plate contact the ground to prevent wheels from being crushed.
4.It can automatically adjust the supporting head positions in three-dimension according to the lifting point positions and parking errors.
5.The synchronous lifting process is automatically controlled by the PLC network control system, with the synchronization error for the whole 16-units high-speed EMU train being within ±1mm.

It passed the technical review of China Ministry of Railways on 14th April 2009.

Inspection & Repair Depots for High-speed EMU Trains, Locomotives and Subways in Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shenyang, Tianjin, Hefei, Suzhou, Kunming, Fuzhou, Dalian etc.

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